I believe in using the best possible equipment, and ink that I can afford to get my hands on. It shows in your art.

   Tattoos are permanent.  A wise man I looked up to used to say "why go 90% of the way doing your best, to let the last 10% kick your ass?"  Creative expression, and positive living values are the forefront of On Point Ink, LLC.

   I lived making hasty decisions, and burning bridges for many years. I was a horrible individual.  Once I landed on the other side of the razor wire fence, I had the time to take a deep look at my life, who I had become, and re-evaluate what life should look like. I had time to develop my artistic skill further.  There is no magic here. I decided to change my life, and chase my passion.  

   I've literally built this business with my blood, sweat, and inner desire. From this "sweat equity" I've grown an appreciation like no other. I will never be able to give up and walk away. It's about gratitude, fortitude, and giving back.

   I put my ALL into every piece of art I do, it being a tattoo, a portrait, an etched mirror, or what have you. Creative expression in any form is our God given gift. Any talent that anyone as a human may have falls under this precept as far as I am concerned. Masons, woodworkers, writers, sculptors, musicians, even gardeners, anything that takes a vision from ones inner creative mind. Where does it come from? Ever asked yourself that? I can only tell you that I have a devout passion for what I do, and that I appreciate any opportunity to share this passion with you through my art. It's the light of life, the "feel good" of life.          

"When I stand before God at the end of my days, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left and could say, I used everything You gave me."

~Erma Bombeck