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Our Customers have been very satisfied with what they have received, enough to be called a 5 Star Tattoo Shop!

5 STARS- This is a great place for ink. If your coming in for your first tattoo or if the ink has gotten into your blood, Josh is your man. Thanks for the awesome ideas and the great ink! Till the next time bro!

Aaron Santistevan

5 STARS- Josh is very awesome at what he does and is professional! He has a very gentle hand when it comes to doing tattoos and they BOTH make you feel like a part of there FAMILY. They BOTH also have awesome hospitality when being there and make you feel like you are RIGHT @ HOME! Keep up the awesome work guys! #ONPOINTINKLLCSTRONG

Daniel Yost

josh is very professional..... great atmosphere and amazing ink.... will recommend to my friends and family��

Dee Dee Minjarez

Josh had a different I idea then my original and let me tell you it's awesome and it fits me better Josh you are awesome

Angela R. Davis-Smole

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